Bravada Cocktails

by Mike Norat

Classic cocktail recipes and some new innovative ones for the caribbean lifestyle. From our very classic Coquito, to the nouveau Pink Brava, be ready to be praised by your guests.

Mike Norat

Just mix the ingredients and enjoy!

Pink Brava

2oz Bravada Vodka
1oz blueberries
3/4oz lemon lime juice
1/2oz mint syrup
1/4oz Elderflower liqueur

Coquito Bravo

2oz Bravada Vodka
1oz espresso coffee
1oz coconut cream

Sol Bravo

2oz Bravada Vodka
1oz zumo de mandarina
3/4oz zumo de limon
3/4oz AgaveTop off ginger soda

Brava Tonic

2oz Bravada Vodka
Top off with tonic water
Garnish: rosemary, pomegranate, lemon wheel